In a time of need,
our funeral products make sure
your employees and their families
have what they need.

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Our focus is on developing innovative
and affordable solutions
that aim to empower your staff
and promote productivity
in a happy workplace.

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Plans are nothing, planning is everything!
Our insurance products ensure
your employees are protected
against unforeseen tragedy.

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WE have stripped the RISK
out of the provident fund,
ensuring that your savings are just that...

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By ensuring BRILLIANT services
are coupled with AFFORDABILITY,
our wellness products ensure you
and your family are looked after,
in sickness and and in health
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I just want to tell you that everything went well and according to my plan. Secondly I want to say Thanks for everything you did for me, the full support you gave me until the end. I buried my wife with dignity.

Husband of deceased

After looking after me and the children for all these years there was no money to give my husband the burial he deserved, when I found out he had a funeral policy through Workforce I was very happy because I was able to respect his memory

Wife of deceased EEB member

When I called the call centre and found out the REPATRIATION was included in his cover and we were able to save the R 21 000 the transport company wanted to move his body to Pretoria the whole family was relieved because we didn’t have to take another loan for the funeral! Thank you EEB

Sister of deceased EEB member